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Blind or Visually Impaired? There’s help using your computer


Good News for the blind and visually impaired! NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA) is a free (and open source) screen reader for folks using Microsoft Windows that "talks" via synthetic speech and Braille -- allowing blind or visually impaired folks to use computers that use Windows. (Sorry Mac users, you will need to install Boot Camp that came … [Read more...]

Medscape from WebMD is a great Mobile APP


Yes! Apps are great! We tested Medscape from WebMD on the DROID and here's what we found: 1. Interaction Checker: This feature is terrific for checking the effect of drug interactions. That is, interaction checker will tell you if something bad might happen if you take two drugs together. 2. There's a reference manual that allows you to find … [Read more...]

How an IPAD 2 can keep you connected with family

All those new devices, ipods, iPhones, ipads... it's so confusing. But here's the good news - these devices are easy to use and can be really useful to you when you want to stay connected with family. How? Let's talk about the IPAD 2 because it's becoming increasingly popular with seniors. Why -- well, for one thing it comes with an APP … [Read more...]